Use These Tips To Troubleshoot Your Noisy Refrigerator

Posted on March 9, 2016 By

If your refrigerator seems to be growing louder day by day, you need to give it a look to make sure that nothing is wrong. Once you indentify where the problem really is, you can call in your local refrigerator repair professional in Dallas TX and have it fixed.

Here are some of the few problems that lead to noises in refrigerators:

From Inside

For self-defrosting in refrigerators, noises typically have originated from the inside. These type of refrigerators make use of a fan to circulate air within the body. Although this fan is typically installed in the freezer, the location could vary depending on your refrigerator brand.

If the freezer is located at the bottom or left hand side, the fan will typically to be at the back, near the top. For refrigerators that have freezers on the top, the fan is typically located on the back in the middle of the unit.

To make sure that the noise is coming from inside the refrigerator, open it and press the light button. If the noise tends to become louder, you will quickly learn that the fan motor is making the noise. Call in professional help and avoid the urge to replace the fan yourself.

From The Back

If the noise is coming from the back, the problem could be with any three of the following components:

  • The defrost timer
  • The condenser fan
  • The compressor

The timer is located at the front of the refrigerator at the bottom. If the noise is coming from here, you will need to replace the timer. The condenser fan is located at the back of the refrigerator within a grill. At times, dust and debris can get trapped in the fan blades leading to noise.

The compressor is installed at the back of the refrigerator and is typically in a casing. If the noise is coming from the compressor, you might need to replace it. These are costly replacements and it is highly recommended that you hire professional help for repairs and installations.

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