Why Use a Roller Shutter on The Window

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Roller shutter can be a robust window consisting of horizontal slats or bars which are hinged together. But it is also a fashion statement to have one installed now days. It is popular to have a roller shutter because it is a huge space saver. Unlike conventional windows it doesn’t occupy or block the space with its panels. Therefore, it is not rare to see window roller shutters in non-commercial properties as well.

It is a strong guard against burglary and vandalism. They are used for insulation and they protect interiors of a house from any sort of hail storm damage.

Buy the perfect roller shutter which suits your property. Always go for a high quality window roller shutter instead of the cheap ones. The high quality ones will last longer.

Why do we need window roller shutter?

Window roller shutter is one of the best ways to protect your home or your business establishment from the wind and rain. It also protects your property from vandalism and burglary. This makes it difficult for intruders to access your home or business. Once the shutter is in place, it is quite difficult to open it from the outside.

Protection from sun

Just covering your windows with curtains won’t help your house to become cooler in summers and warmer during winters. Foam fitted roller shutters stops about 70% of the heat which comes into the house during summers, and it stops about 60% of the heat to leave during winters.

Protection from the weather

Roller shutters help your property from cases of bad weather as well. It is a strong guard when it hails, as it stops debris and branches to break open your windows. They do not rattle when the wind is blowing. The shutters provide year long protection from rain, storms and extremely bad weather. They are made of high quality aluminum.

Helps in energy saving

Roller shutters also help in saving energy. Almost 46% of your air conditioning and 70% of room heat leaves your home or business through windows and doors. Roller shutters are filled with foam (a powerful heat insulator) and they can effectively reduce power consumption as much as 64% every year.

Noise reduction

They also help in reducing noise levels and this in turn reduces your stress as well. If you live near the airport or on a busy road this will be very useful for you as roller shutters reduce noise up to 50%.

Privacy and light control

You get to control the amount of light which enters your property. If you want your room to be dark pull down the shutters and if you want sunlight then you can open them to let natural light in. They also give your privacy. It is especially needed in places which are near main roads and airports. It stops people from peeking in through your windows, and it gives you the peace of mind. You do not have to worry about outsiders looking inside.

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