Why You Need to Have Aluminium Security Doors

Posted on February 11, 2016 By

Security experts will confirm that one of the most vulnerable areas of your home is the door. The majority of domestic doors are not secure enough to keep people safe, and instead they are more likely to be a security risk, because although they make people believe that they are secure when locked, they in fact make it very easy for intruders to break in. If you have been thinking about your current levels of security, and want to do something to minimise the chances of a burglary, buying aluminium security doors could be the best way to boost your security levels without complicated antitheft systems.

What makes doors so vulnerable?

There are several different ways in which your average domestic door can be very vulnerable. The first and most basic is that the majority of doors in residential homes have been there for some time, and are now too old to prevent determined intruders from coming in. Old locks, old hinges and worn door frames can all make a home very vulnerable. Secondly, the door itself may not be strong enough to resist people knocking it down. Your average door will easily be knocked down within a few minutes, and only by using an effective deterrent such as an Alu-gard security screen door will you be able to fully protect yourself. Lastly, even if the door itself is strong, and the locks are secure, the door frame itself may be so weak that it can easily be removed, allowing intruders complete access to your home. By fitting a security screen that encloses the doorframe, you can prevent it from being removed.

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